Top 5 Most Popular Games 2017

In 2017 in the gaming world there were many new hits. We have seen many new games, many of them have become popular and others were a failure, but today we will talk only for the most popular PC games in 2017.

In the first place is a game that many people love and others hate it. But according to statistics is the most played game in 2017


Playerunknown’s battlegrounds is known as PUBG and is the game which has broken the records in every statistic on steam. It is a shooter game, that you  sky-dive from a plane to an island and you loot places. The winner in this game is the last survivor.

2. DOTA 2

Dota 2 is a strategy, moba game, and it’s similar with League of legends. You pick a champion and you fight with the other team, the winning team is the team which will destroy the enemy base first. This game became popular in 2014-2015 but it still one of the most played games on steam.


Counter-strike is a first-person shooter game. CS:GO was published in 2012 but it still one of the most popular and most played games. In this game you must eliminate the enemy team or plant the bomb if you are in the terrorist team and if you are in the counter terrorist team you must defuse the bomb.

4. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

It is also known as rainbow 6 and it is a first-person shooter game and one of the best strategy games. It was published in 2015 but this year it is making its best year according to the statistics. In this game if you are a counter terrorist you must protect the house or the plane from terrorists, unlike if you play for the terrorist team you must plant the bomb.

In the 5th place we have one of the most famous games in the world.


GTA V is one of the most famous games, it has started from 2004 with GTA San Andreas (the first GTA) and now is the 5th game of the series. This gta was published in 2015 and it is an open world, racing, shooting, action multiplayer game. This game is a simulation of the real life but you can do robberies, buy cars houses, and play the missions that the story mode includes. In multiplayer you can play with friends do heists together, buy cars, houses, planes and many others.

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  1. georgeklonos says:

    Panos the gta V is publish is 2013.
    Thank you.

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  2. georgeklonos says:

    Panos the gta V is publish is 2013 but the article is interesting.
    Thank you.

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    1. PANOSXGAMER says:

      yes, you are right but for pc it is published in 2015. 😉


    2. PANOSXGAMER says:

      and also i talk for most played games in 2017 😉


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