Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Siege a multiplayer, FPS game that’s been around since 2015 and was originally developed by Ubisoft. It’s a remaster of the game Rainbow Six which was published in 1998. By that you can understand that the game is way different than what it used to be because of the evolution in technology over the past few years.

There are 2 different teams and each team consists of 5 players. There is the counter-terrorism team NATO and there is the terrorists team. There are a lot of different modes in the game but the most common and played one is hostage. Each player gets to choose the operator they want to play as and depending on their choice each one will get a unique ability that helps them fight the enemy team.

The goal of the defending team is to make sure the hostage is safe while on the other hand the goal of the attacking team is to extract the hostage. Even though those are the main goals most of the time the round ends because one of the two teams was completely eliminated. This game relies heavily in environmental destruction and by that I mean that you can use different gadgets to break walls and windows in order to kill your enemies or to efficiently hide while defending the hostage.

There are also ranked games that are a bit different and I mean that they last longer since it ends whenever a team gets to 4 rounds won instead of 3, which is the amount of rounds you need to win in a casual game. Personally, I love playing this game with my friends and I think you will too if you get it.

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