Copying Homework From the Internet

All of us at some point were assigned to do homework by our teacher that needed research to be done in the process, and most of us used the internet to do it and that’s completely fine, but what happens if you just copy something from the internet without changing a single word? Do you think that would be ok with the teacher? You probably think not and you would be right.

When getting assigned a composition or a writing and it’s a subject you don’t know a lot about, the teacher will usually say something like “use any source you want to get information about the topic”, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok to copy something exactly as it’s written in a book or a site.

Even though everyone reading this will find that obvious, you will be surprised by how many people actually just copy their homework straight up from their source with the exact same words. And most of them think that their teacher isn’t smart enough to figure it out but trust me that’s not the case.

When copying your homework like that you are basically begging your teacher to fail you! This is a big problem with kids and it happens all over the world. They have to stop being lazy and copying their homework and actually start doing some research. That’s also one of the main reasons as to why children never learn how they’re supposed to be working and not only that, but they also never actually learn anything about the subject.

If we keep working that way not only will we fail our exams but we will also never become educated about some really important topics. What’s your idea? Do you think that teachers over react and should let the kids just copy their homework from their sources and if yes, why so?

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  1. _peppapig_ says:

    I think all students copy.


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