Social Health Care

Everyone agrees that health care is important to be accessible to anyone for free. But wouldn’t you rethink that, if you had an option to not pay taxes and instead pay for your own medical treatment? There are countries all over the world that don’t pay taxes and instead pay for their own health care and there are countries that pay taxes and have free access to certain treatments.

Let’s start with the most common one which is paying taxes. Everyone knows what taxes are because everyone hates paying them. But maybe if you think about it in a different way, thanks to those taxes you get free access to other public spaces like hostpitals, plus that way you get to help people that can’t afford medical treatment to stay healthy and in some situations even save their lives.

So even though I’m not a fan of paying for medical treatment, imagine how it is to not pay taxes. You could save up so much money for you own enjoyment or even for the good of others via charities and all common good facilities. While paying taxes sounds amazing I think it would be really bad for a society not having to pay them. Not only would the economy get absolutely destroyed but you would also lose the free access to certain social care benefits that are really important to have at anytime, no matter if you can afford them.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but personally, even though I am under 18 and I don’t pay taxes, so I might completely be misunderstanding the situation, believe that taxes are really important although some can’t clearly see it. What is your point of view about the subject? Do you believe that it is important to pay taxes and if yes why?

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