Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a hide and seek, horror, survival game where you have to act cleverly in order for the Killer not to find you (which I am not very good at). It was originally created by Behaviour and Starbreeze for PC in June 2016 and it was also released for Xbox one and Playstation 4 in 2017. The game got a lot of praise when it got released and even know is very popular and fun to play with friends.

You either choose to play as a Killer or as a Survivor.

When playing as a survivor you get to choose the character you want to be and then you queue up with a team that consists of 3 more survivors and you all cooperate to survive and escape from the killer. There are different objectives that you have to complete in order to escape.

Main Objectives
As a Survivor your main objective is to repair five of the six generators, and then after that’s done, open the powered doors to escape. Sounds easy right? Trust me it’s not. The generators take a lot of time and skill to complete since while repairing them every now and then a skill check will pop up and if you  mess it up, the killer gets alerted that you are at that location. Then is when you run and hide so that you won’t die. After you repair all five generators with your team, two exit gates appear on the map, which also take some time to open, after you open them you just simply run outside and win the game. If all of your team dies and you are left alone, a hatch will open somewhere randomly on the map that is extremely hard to find, but if you do you can just get out through there without having to repair the generators.

Secondary Objectives

Items and Perks
In this game you can also get items and perks to make the generator repairs faster, to heal your teammates or to be able to run faster and hide better from the killer. There is also a flashlight that you can aim at the Killer’s face to temporarily blind him.

When playing as a Killer things become harder, since you don’t have a team and you have to catch all four survivors, one by one and kill them. You can choose between a variety of Killers that all have different abilities to help catch the Survivors.

Main Objectives
The Killer’s objectives are quite straight forward. First you have to hit each Survivor twice in order to be able to grab them, then you have to get them on the hook, make sure that someone doesn’t come and save them while in the meantime of course you try to find the other survivors and make sure that they won’t escape by breaking the generators, by placing traps and using the different abilities that each Killer has.

I have had a ton of fun with my friends playing this game and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is over 18. It’s a horror game so people who are at a young age or are easily disturbed should avoid playing it.



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