Building Your Own PC VS Buying a Pre-built One

Nowadays a PC is something almost everyone has. PC uses are uncountable, you can do an assignment for school, you can create a presentation by using PowerPoint or any other presentation software. You can even play video games on a PC. But how are you going to get the most out of your money, by picking the parts you need to build your system separately or by buying a pre-built one?

Well buying a pre-built PC surely has some advantages. Like most of the times the PC is plug and play which means you simply connect it to the monitor and to the wall outlet and you are ready to go. On the other side the computer costs much more than its parts separately and that’s mainly because it will probably come with a pre-installed operating system such as Windows which can sometimes cost over a hundred dollars.

Now on the other hand if you buy the parts one by one you can decide through a variety of part options in the market for much lower prices than a pre-built one would cost. The only downside is the operating system (OS) which as I mentioned before can be pricey. But there are free OSes out there such as Linux. For games though the best option at the moment I think is inactivated Windows 10 which is free the only difference with the activated version being the personalization options which are locked (even though you can right-click an image and set it as background), some Microsoft account sync options as well, and there is going to be a watermark at the bottom right hand side of the screen telling you to activate Windows, but for me personally, that’s not a problem at all. Other than that you can play games just as you would with the activated version of Windows. Just to be sure though, you can search for details about the exact limitations of this OS. I am not sure for how long this operating system is going to be available for free but for now it works.

I believe that buying the parts and building your own PC is a better option and it will also profit you in the long run, since you can buy the parts that you prefer in more or less your desirable price.


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