Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a professional driver of Formula 1 and he was born in the United Kingdom on the 7th of January 1985 . He is one of the best pilots of all time and maybe the best still running pilot. Lewis is a four-time champion in Formula 1. Three times with Mercedes AMG petronas and one with McLaren Mercedes.

His first race in Formula 1 was with Mclaren on 2007, but before this, when he was too young, in the age of 8 years, Lewis began karting and he started winning races and after a while championships too. In the age of 10 he met Ron Dennis and Dennis told him to    call him after 9 years because he knew that Lewis had won the karting championship. When he was 12 he started impressing with his skills, and the junior Yamaha team took him in. In 1998 he singed his first contract with a team in Formula 1.

In his Formula 1 career, he earned one title with Mclaren (2008)  and three with Mercedes (2014, 2015, 2017). He is a record holder as the driver with the most pole positions (72) and also as the youngest champion in Formula 1 history. He is also the second pilot with 62 wins behind Schumacher. He raced for Mclaren for 6 years and he has been racing for Mercedes since 2013.

He has said that his driving style was inspired by his hero Ayrton Senna, who is a very good driver in wet races but he has often become aggressive. One year after Hamilton  had joined Mercedes, he and Rosberg (his teammate) started a rivalry and 1 year later their relationship worsened because of Rosberg’s envy of Lewis and his success. He races with the number 44 and he is known as the driver with the most fans all around the world. He is also known to be friendly with other Formula 1 racers.

To sum up I like Hamilton because of his driving style and also his style on the road. I wish to meet him and speak to him one day. I have been watching formula 1 since 2010 and he was the first driver that made an impression on me for his driving skills.


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