Murder on the Orient Express

This movie is directed by Kenneth Branagh and it’s really an exceptionally good film to watch. The main character is the well-known detective Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh). Who with his highly developed abilities of paying attention to details and understanding when someone is lying to him, solves every crime he is asked to.

Poirot is asked by a friend to travel with him with the Orient Express. The train has fifteen passengers including Hercule and most of them are thought to be complete strangers. One night the train gets derailed and we learn that a passenger has been murdered. All the passengers are suspects unless proved otherwise. The crime is so complicated that Hercule struggles to solve it. But the crime is much more than just a murder, it’s a way of getting revenge for an old and forgotten crime, where the man who was accused was never brought to justice.

The movie is really astonishing and it truly makes you a part of it in my opinion. The music is amazing, it adds a very nice atmosphere to the already breathtaking scenery of the snowed mountains with the steam engine train travelling at the hillsides.

I liked this movie a lot and I would recommend it to people with a high sense of adventure and lovers of mystery, but keep in mind there are some inappropriate scenes for children.


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