Top 5 Indie Games

Even though indie games are called like that because they are released by small companies some of them turn out to be a big success. Here are 5 of the biggest indie games that teens should play.

Cuphead is a game originally made by StudioMDHR in September 29, 2017 and it is based around continuous boss fights to progress through the game. You walk, dodge abilities, and shoot, sounds easy right? Well do not be fooled because this game is known to be one of the hardest games that have been created since it’s really fast paced and hard to defeat the bosses. Although it will get tedious sometimes it’s a really fun game to mess around with.

Oxenfree is a supernatural adventure game with the player controlling Alex who is a kid with powers that she doesn’t even know she has and it was originally made by Night school studio. While progressing through the game the player is given the option to decide what Alex will say by picking one of the text bubbles that pop up over Alex’s head. You could consider this a horror game so those who are disturbed easily shouldn’t play it.
Read more about it here.

Even though most have heard about this one since it’s really old by now, it is still loved by lots of people since it was one of the best games of its kind and it was made by a genius programmer named Toby Fox. Everything you do is perceived by the game and changes its own files depending on your choices. I won’t say much about this one because I have already written about it and you can look it up here.

4. Papers, Please
This one is really old by now but even so it still is commented as one of the best games of 2013. It a perfect simulation of what the life of a passport clerk is. Your job is to check the passports of people who come and want to get in the country and if you let someone in that doesn’t have the required stuff to get in you get a penalty warning. At the same time you try to gather as much money as you can each day so you can maintain your family. Probably every scenario a passport clerk could run into is displayed in this game from family members that want to get into the country because they run away from theirs since a war started to people trying to take over the country.

5.Night in the Woods
This is an adventure game developed by Infinite Fall. This could also be considered as a supernatural game too since it takes a sudden turn which I won’t analyse for spoiler reasons (play the game you lazy bums :P). You control Mae a 20 year-old cat that has dropped out of college and returned to her home city to live with her parents in their attic. As the story progresses Mae finds out even more and more weird stuff that end up to be pretty horrifying.


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