The Flash

The Flash is a popular TV series that was originally made in 2014 by Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns and Andrew Kreisberg. Its about people with superhuman powers like Barry Allen, the protagonist, also known as the Flash who can reach amazing speeds by running with the speed of light. He uses his powers to fight criminals, put them in prison, and save others’ lives.

A man named Harrison Wells created a particle accelerator to power with clean energy Central City in order to improve science and medical treatment. But when it got activated, something went wrong and it blew up causing thousands of people to lose their lives while others like Barry, obtained superhuman powers that no one could have ever imagined existed. A few people actually used theirs to help. Criminals all over Central City used their powers for robberies and assassinations. But Barry and his friends used Barry’s powers to help fight those criminals and make the city safe once again. While the story progresses, Barry finds himself against more and different kinds of enemies and beats them with the help of his friends, not only by using his power but his brain as well.

I personally loved the show since it was one of the most enjoyable series I have ever seen. I love the plot, it’s very well paced and fleshed out so that it doesn’t get boring to watch even though it is a 4-season series. The graphics are amazing and the special effects were really well taken care of, while the actors know how to set the mood so that anything that happens is exciting and fascinating.

I highly suggest it to anyone that is at least in their teen years, and I am sure enough that you will find out it was well worth your time. Even the ratings are high and it’s the second most liked show after vampire diaries, which means that it is very popular and enjoyeable.

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