Building New Shopping Centers

Recently a new and very large shopping center is considered to be built in our area. I was asked by the class council to give my opinions on the matter. Well a new shopping center would have some positive aspects but unfortunately it would also have a few negative ones.

First of all I think it would be a brilliant idea to build a shopping center in our area because the number of shops around here is very small. If you want to go shopping you have to take either the bus or the train and go to another area to buy whatever is that you are looking for . In addition the center could also have a cinema multiplex, so it would supply the people of our area with more activities for their free time that are close to them. But there is no way there are only positive aspects in this new center of course. The sight on which the building is planned to be built has a park with a lot of trees and some animals as well, for the shopping center to be built there the park will have to be destroyed completely.

There are quite a few ways to make up for the destroyed park. One of them is that in the shopping center itself an internal garden could be built, since the center is so big this garden would easily make up for a least half of the park that would be destroyed. Animals of course will not find shelter in the center’s garden but the second way that I have thought of includes a shelter for animals as well. There is an abandoned hospital close here which could be destroyed and the field could be re purposed as a park which can make up for the rest of the destroyed one.

In conclusion a new shopping center has its positives and its negatives. The negatives can be improved if all the residents of our area propose the solutions that I mentioned above or even their own ideas to our local council.


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