Night Trap

Night Trap is a really old style horror game but it’s so cheesy that it is not even scary. Recently for their 25th anniversary SEGA made a remake of the game which was originally made in 1986 and it is completely hilarious.

You watch the story of some kids who went to a friend’s house for a party, while in the meantime you have to go around the surveillance cameras and try to keep all the kids safe by activating traps and capturing all the dangerous people who are in the house trying to get them. You have traps hidden all over the place in each room so in order to win you have to capture a certain amount of hunters.

The best part about this game is the old style kind of feeling that it has since it was a remake of an 80’s game. The story is amazing and if you manage to get through it you will agree as well. Even though it sounds easy, this game is really hard to finish but when you do, you will be happy you stayed around to finish it.

Personally I loved playing the game not only because of the story, but also because of the atmosphere it made you part of while you were playing it. I highly suggest it to anyone that is an adult to play, and I’m sure you will have a lot of fun with it. If you have played/finished the game write down in the comment section how much you liked/disliked playing it and why.

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