Should Sports be Compulsory in Schools?

Lately parents of children which are overweight have suggested that sports lessons are optional, not compulsory so the children can decide for themselves what they want to do. Some health experts believe this might be a very big mistake and I agree with them.

There are some reasons why sports should not be compulsory in schools. Some children who are overweight might not be able to exercise like the rest of their friends and peers, that will possibly result to them being ashamed of themselves. Which will probably make them lose their confidence and stop believing in them. They may feel useless as well because they might not be able to do some activities as well as other children of their age.

But there are also a whole lot of other reasons as to why sports should be compulsory in schools. Sports means exercising and exercising is proved to be a very important factor of someones health. A children which learns to like and sometimes even love sports from an early age will help him keep exercising later on and avoid serious health problems. Exercising is also an amazing pastime. Even if you don’t like football or basketball or any of the common sports you can just walk, run, swim. All these are very creative and exciting activities to do in your free time. So if sports are compulsory in schools you are most likely going to like all these activities.

Finally, I believe sports lessons should be compulsory in schools because the benefits are far more important than the drawbacks. Moreover the drawbacks can be countered with the proper handling of the students who have problems dealing with sports.

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