What do you usually do when you are on your computer, phone, tablet or any kind of electronic device? I bet that most of you just use them to talk using social media with friends or play some famous online games. But have you ever thought of playing a guessing game? Probably not cause it sounds boring, especially when you are doing it with a computer. Trust me though, Akinator is going to blow your mind. Akinator is a genius program made by Elokence.com that is made to beat anyone that decides to play.

So your job is to think of a character, it doesn’t matter if they are famous, real or not as long as you know enough facts about them to answer Akinator’s questions. After you start the game he will ask you a bunch of random yes or no questions, like “are their hair black?” or if they are famous and after a certain amount of questions he will try to guess the character you are thinking of and he will usually get it right no matter the character.

Personally, I think that that program is amazing. I mean I had a run with it and I was thinking about myself and he actually got it right! I was instantly blown away and since then, I’m trying to think of the hardest things for him to guess, so I can beat him at least once. I want you to go to their page and try it out by yourself. Then, tell me in the comments section if you managed to outsmart him and beat him and with whom in mind? I’m really interested to know.

Here is a run by me thinking of Jackstepticeye:

Does your character make Youtube videos?


Is your character Greek?


Is your character a gamer?


Is your character from the Balkan Region?


Does your character make Minecraft videos?


Does your character have over 3 million subs?


Is your character from PewDiePie?


Is your character’s favorite color green?


Is your character green-haired?


Is your character an Irish Youtuber?


Did your character come back from the death?


I think of Jacksepticeye


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