Top 5 Facts About Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone and welcome to our spooky article about the most interesting and bizarre facts about Halloween! To start it off some people don’t celebrate it in their country, so we are gonna do a quick little explanation about what Halloween is, why we Celebrate it, and how we do it.

Rather than just Halloween, it goes by other interesting names like Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve and also All Saints’ Eve and it is Celebrated mostly by kids and teens who go around the neighborhood houses asking for treats and candies by saying “Trick or Treat” and carving spooky pumpkins on the 31st of October. During Halloween people dress in weird, spooky, scary, and funny costumes and they pretend to be an animal or something supernatural like ghosts, wizards, zombies etc. But there are some interesting facts that even those who do celebrate Halloween might not know about.

5. Dancing to get candies

When Halloween first came out in order for you to get sweets and candies you had to dance and depending on how good your dance was, people would award you with a number of candy equal to the enjoyment they got from your dance.

4. Jack-o-lanterns made from beets and potatoes

Halloween originally came from Ireland and when they started celebrating it they wouldn’t carve pumpkins but potatoes and beets. They used to be far scarier than the pumpkins which makes me believe that that was the original reason they replaced them with pumpkins.

3. America celebrating cabbage night instead of Halloween

There was an old fortune-telling game where girls used cabbages to find information about their future husbands and even though that sounds crazy, they weren’t the only ones that believed in it since it was later used by American boys to learn information about their future wives as well.

2. Costumes were used to honor dead spirits

In the beginning people started wearing costumes to honor dead spirits that were long-lost so that they wouldn’t forget about them but later on that became a tradition, and now people wear costumes to have fun and mess around with them.

1. Mexicans celebrating Day of the Dead instead of Halloween

Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead to honor the dead spirits and connect them with our earth once again. They believe that the spirits visit them that night to give them endless knowledge and power.

How about you? Is Halloween celebrated in your country? Do you know any unusual Halloween traditions and if yes which ones?

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