Computer Lessons VS Plumbing Lessons

There are many options considering school’s secondary curricula, such as a computer course which can help you a lot because technology evolves tremendously fast lately and computers are getting more and more into our everyday life. A plumbing course could be useful as well because it may help you fix a small problem that might occurre without the need of calling and paying a professional.

A plumbing course could be useful for the students learning it. They will be able to solve some simple problems considering their home’s plumbing system, moreover they are likely to develop a more analytical way of thinking which might allow them to solve other types of everyday problems that aren’t relevant with plumbing and counter difficult situations more effectively. This analytical way of thinking in my opinion can be better acquired with a computer course instead.

You might not be able to solve your home’s plumbing problems with a computer course but one thing is certain, you will learn other interesting things like how to make a digital presentation or write an essay on your computer, how to properly browse the internet and easily find what you are searching for. You can also learn more complicated things like making your own video-game, your own application. And if you really get in to it you might even learn how build your own custom program that could control a small robot or something similar to that.

As you can see when it comes to computers, I believe, almost everything is possible and the options are unlimited. Okay you won’t be able to fix your house’s bath tub etc. but in all honesty I think a computer course as a part of secondary schools’ curricula is much more useful than a plumbing course.

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