Cooking Course

Recently our school has been thinking about offering students a cooking course as part of a pilot program to provide better education. I have been informed about this course and I am going to tell you what it was all about, what we can learn, how it could be improved and also give details about the course for students who are interested in cooking and might want to attend it.

First of all, you need to know that the course is not only about hands-on cooking in the suitable workshops of our school, but it also has a theoretic part that needs to be conducted in a normal classroom. So if you don’t like studying at all, this course is certainly not for you. The theoretic part is very important, because you cannot just go in a kitchen and start mixing things together, hoping you will make something that is edible. That can be very dangerous for your health because some of the ingredients may be dangerous when not prepared correctly and can cause damage to someone who eats them. This is what the theoretic part is all about, learning what you can and can’t mix together. You will also learn a lot of recipes for foods, sweats and all kinds of stuff.

The teachers are very nice and kind. They know how to do their job properly and they will help you with whatever you might need and answer all your questions. The course can be improved even though the concept is very good already. In my opinion spending more time in the workshops would be a very important improvement that needs to be made. As we said the theoretic part is crucial but you won’t learn if you don’t try practising what you learn.

The cooking course sounds overally amazing, it will be a very nice new experience and I really hope that they will implement it. What do you think about the addition of practical subjects at school?  Would that be a good idea? Would you be interested in learning how to cook or would you rather try something different?

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