Giorgos Argyris AKA Jeremy

I admire Jeremy. He is a good comical Youtuber. He is the 3rd most succesful youtuber all over Greece and Cyprus.

He was born in Athens on the 7th of December, 1990. His real name is George Argyris. He began to publish videos on youtube in 2011, and his channel is named Jeremy. Two years later he joined the team of Comedy Lab which is a Greek youtube stand-up comedy channel. Later in 2016, he created a new channel which is called Jeremy plus.

He has studied directing because he wants to become a very good director. In his videos, he is the one writting the screenplay. Jeremy created Stunnerz Productions, five months after he had started his youtube channel

I adore watching Jeremy’s videos and I want to become a better youtuber than him. Who is your favourite youtuber? If you have watched his videos after reading this article, what do you think about Jeremy? Do you like his work?

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