Charities’ Debate

Which charity do you think should get funding from the government? A sports and recreation charity which will build new football and basketball courts and do more things for the people to have a good time, or a health charity which will help everyone who is in need and doesn’t have access or can’t afford medical care.

Sports and recreation charities state that if they are the ones to be funded, they will build new football stadiums around the country so that the access to football will be easier for everyone. They also say that they will try to construct a basketball court in every major city, something which is a little bit too ambitious, don’t you think? Although they have quite a large number of supporters, is all that as important as a human life that could be saved if health charities are funded by governments instead?

All these plans about the stadiums and everything sounds good, but what is a stadium in comparison with someone’s health or even his life? Health charities, if funded, will provide free medical check-ups for everyone and might perhaps help with the cost of surgeries and all kinds of treatments and therapies. If someone cannot afford his treatment or medicines, charities may do their best for this person to receive what ever he/she needs, and whenever he/she can, they may repay for what the charity has provided them with.

I believe that health charities are the ones that need to be funded by governments because as I said, what is a stadium in comparison to human lives? Well, for me a human life is far more important than a stadium or having sports facilities. Do write your opinion, what would be preferable?


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