The School System in Greece

Most children around the world have to attend school, though not all schools are the same. Some schools have a lot of subjects and are difficult to graduate from, while others are easier and have many deficiencies. In my country we have many subjects at school.

Pupils in Greece attend primary school from the age of six to twelve, before moving up to secondary school. There we prepare for school exams. After the age of 15 pupils go to high school and at the age of 18 we take exams to enter university, which are called “panelladikes”.

I am in the third year of secondary school and we study about thirteen subjects for school exams. These include compulsory subjects like humanities; Greek language, Literature, and Ancient Greek, or selective ones like German and French. My favourite subject is history.

In my opinion, in my country schools are very old and they don’t have nice interiors or colourfull walls. What are schools like in your country? Are they nice? Is it easy to finish school?

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