Learning Foreign Languages in Greece

What do most school children have in common in my country? It’s the fact that they don’t only learn Greek but one or two foreign languages as well. Usually, European languages are taught in Greek schools. The most popular languages which most greek pupils study, are English, French, German, and some students learn Spanish as well.

In my case, I have attended foreign language lessons since the age of eight. I learn foreign languages at school, where we are taught English and French, and I take private lessons to improve my English.

At school we study for about 2-3 hours a week and we use books, audio cds, and photocopies to help us learn. In private schools or home tutoring lessons we occasionally use e-books or interactive white boards as well.

In my opinion taking private lessons or going to language schools is easier than school lessons. What do you prefer? How do you learn languages in your country?

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