The Snowman

The Snowman is a new horror-crime movie that came out in October 2017. The film shows the investigations of a detective named Harry Hole in Norway while he tries to solve a series of murders, where the killer of the victims builds a snowman every time he kills someone.

Harry Hole is a very capable detective even though he has some addiction to alcohol and this makes his investigations even harder. While he searches and tries to solve the cases he and a new recruit, Katrine Bratt, understand that they must connect decade old cases with the new ones in order to solve them and to expose the killer. It appears that the murderer is triggered every time snow falls so they have limited time to find out who he is. The killer makes fun of  the cops and in a way he always warns them before killing someone. One time for instance, he writes a letter to detective Hole with something like a riddle on it, and another one the murderer reports his victim missing before he actually kills her.

I really liked the audio of the movie since it was very clear, and the special effects where also very nice. They chose the perfect scenery for the movie in my opinion, because Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

I would recommend this film because I liked it a lot, so I guess people around my age will like it as well. But keep in mind it is not appropriate for little children because there are many quite violent scenes which show dead bodies and it will certainly scare them.

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