Watching a Match at Home VS Going to the Stadium

So, is it better to watching a sports on TV or going in the stadium and see it.  Many of us who like playing football, also going to see matches in the stadium but often we see the match on TV.

Firstly, watching sports on TV is less time-consuming that doing in stadium and see a match. When you planing to go and see a match in stadium you must be sure that you gonna have a ticket and be 20 minutes before the start to find your seat and take a snack or a drink. A further advantage of staying at home is that you gonna save money and it’s also a decision of the last moment. Also, the comfort of your own home and the friends you can invite and see the match together is very nice.

On the other hand, nothing can beat the atmosphere of go in the stadium with fans who sheer, lighting fireworks and banners. To be a spectator at a live sporting event this is something that staying at home can’t beat it because when you are in the stadium you can see your favourite players close-up and all the action live.

In my opinion going to the stadium is the best option but many matches is to expensive. I prefer going there but if i don’t have the money and the time for going there, I gonna watch the match from my home. Which do you prefer let me know and write it in the comment section.

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