An Account of Greek Education

Are all subjects compulsory in Greece at school? A day at school begins at 8.15 and finishes at 14.10. We study a lot of lessons in Greek schools and only a few are optional.

Pupils in Greece attend primary school for six years. From the age of twelve to the age of fifteen we go to gymnasium and finally students attend lyceum, and when the pupils are seventeen years old, they take exams to enter university.

I am in the third class of gymnasium and all the subjects which I study are compulsory. For example Maths, Ancient greek language, and Music. My favourite subject however is art because we draw very nice pictures. I get average grades but I want to get better marks.

In my opinion the schools in my country aren’t the best in Europe. There are many problems and the teachers try to teach us very interesting things but we don’t always understand. What is your experience with subjects? Are they easy in your country? Are there any optional lessons to choose from?


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