Way of Evaluation in Schools

In some academic systems, a student’s final class grade depends on a few exams. In others, the final class grade includes points for attendance, participation, and homework, as well as exams. But what is better?

We all know that it is an issue which interests all of us and above all students who want to achieve something in the future. Getting a grade depending on few exams can make the life of someone who doesn’t study much, better and the opposite for someone who studies regularly. The person who isn’t used to studying and doesn’t participate in class, doesn’t pay attention and doesn’t do homework will probably get a higher mark if they do well in one exam for which they may have studied for a couple of hours and all of their bad performance in the school term will automatically ‘be deleted’ because of a good exam. If someone performs in all terms and doesn’t do well in one exam, they will not consider his good performance and he will take a mark according to what he has written in the test.

Grade based on participation, attendance, homework, and some tests seems more fair for everyone. In my opinion it is a better way of evaluation because all the things above  play a role in school. If the only thing that counts is exams, there isn’t a reason to participate, or go to school, or do your homework. The only thing that you have to do is study for an exam and that’s how you will take a higher grade. It is also more fair because a good student may fail on a test because he may not have felt well or he may have been very stressed and have faced other factors.

As anyone can easily understand I would prefer the second way of evaluation to become the standard in all schools for all the reasons that I have just mentioned. This is my point of view and I think that it may be beneficial to students. What do you think?

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