Watching Movie at Home Vs Cinema

Watching a movie at home is pleasant but what about going to the cinema? In this article we are gonna talk about the difference between watching a movie at home and going to the cinema. Which is more enjoyable, convenient and cheaper?

On the one hand we have movies at home. Certainly they are cheaper and you don’t need to spend a lot of money for tickets. Also, when you watch a movie at home, you can pause the movie whenever you want and go to grab something to eat or drink. Another advantage in watching movies at home, is that you don’t extra time to watch it. If you want to go to the cinema for a movie, you must be at the cinema at least 20 minutes before the beginning of the movie to have the time to buy the tickets, or snacks, and even find your seat.

On the other hand if you watch a movie at the cinema, the ambiance is better, the sounds as well, and the big screen makes you feel like you are into the movie. Also, in the cinema you can meet new people, talk with them and become friends. Another reason to see a film at the cinema is that the movie is more fun or relaxing.

To sum up, I believe that the cinema is better for a movie, but if someone doesn’t have enough time to go to a cinema and watch a movie, he or she can watch a film at home. This is my opinion about the matter. Let me know about your opinion. Which do you prefer??

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