Regulating Families?

In some countries the government doesn’t allow families to have more than a certain amount of kids while in others they try to support families with a lot of children as much as they can both financially and psychologically.
That doesn’t happen randomly because in both scenarios there are some really good reasons when it comes to why they behave the way they do. When the government doesn’t allow families to have more than a specific amount of kids it’s because either the economy of the country can not support it or because the country is already way more populated than it’s supposed to be. That doesn’t mean that the measures they take are unfair, obviously there is a good reason for those restrictions to exist in order for them to balance the country’s everyday life as best as they can.
Unlike the rules above there are also countries that allow and encourage families to have as many kids as they want and that’s either because the country’s economy is very well-balanced out or because the country needs its population to be renewed in order for the descendants to continue improving it every day.
In my opinion rules and laws like these should exist in order for all the people who live in those kind of countries to be able to live a happy and a stress free life. If those rules weren’t applied the world would get financially ruined and that could lead to a lot of disasters. How about you, do you think that these rules are important to exist and if so why?

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