Collaborative school work

In some high schools and universities, teachers require students to work together on specific projects. This may seem better for someone who doesn’t like to study, but it can also be worse for someone who studies more than others, because the grade is decided on collaborative work.

Working in groups has many benefits and also many drawbacks. Beginning with the advantages of collaborative work, firstly you become more sociable and meet new people with new ideas, new personalities, and different opinions. Another benefit is that you learn how to work together with maybe unknown people and you act like a team. You also learn to respect every opinion because the way people think may differ to your own way of thinking.

On the other hand there are plenty of disadvantages. One of these is that if someone is too lazy you are going to take lower marks and he is going to get higher mark than he would take if he worked on his own. This is the way groups works. Another bad thing is that if someone has work to do at home and didn’t finish on time he would automatically get a low mark only for another’s person laziness or boredom. Also it is difficult to face personalities you don’t have the same interests or the same way of thinking, but it is necessary to work together because this is the meaning of collaborative work.

In the end I believe that the drawbacks outweigh benefits for all the previous reasons I mentioned before. I think that they should abolish collaborative work and all the students should work for themselves.

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