Lacking Local Facilities

Our area lacks some very important facilities in my opinion. I believe there are a lot of facilities that can be built and be very useful for the residents, but two of the most crucial ones that we need are a public sports center and a local history museum.

Firstly, a public sports center would be perfect for the area because there are only private gyms where you have to pay a subscription to join and then you have to pay again every month or every year, something which depends on the gym of course. And not everyone has the financial ability to pay these fees. I know a lot of people who really like exercising but they can’t because they are not able to afford joining a gym or a training studio. There are some sport facilities in nearby areas but they don’t cover a wide variety of sports, and even when they do, they’re too far for the free time most of us have. Thankfully there a couple of basketball courts and a couple of tennis fields but these do not cover everyone’s needs and preferences for sports and exercising.

Secondly, a local history museum would be a very good and useful addition to every area. Museums are not very hard to find around here, but they are not about local history. If I am not mistaken the closest one is like 20 minutes away from here by car, although that depends mostly on the traffic. But still, not everyone has a car. And if they hadn’t used that old shopping center to build a car park in my area, they could now be using it to build a history museum. Museums help education a lot as well and that’s because kids understand things they have hands-on experience better than things they are just told by their teachers. Anyone can have fun and learn something in a museum.

So this is my opinion on what facilities are needed around local areas, and I hope eventually someone in charge will understand which facilities are essential and which are completely useless for us. What is your opinion, what facilities would you like to have in your local areas? Feel free to write down in the comment section.

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