Up to the Readers

We all have people whom we love and enjoy spending time with. Our friends who some people consider to be the family that we chose. This time we would like our readers to submit pieces of writing about the people they believe to be their best friends.

Let us know why they are special, what they do for you and why you care.

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  1. Georgia says:

    My best friend’s name is Silvia. she is 11 years old. We each other from school.Silviais very chatty and social.She alwayw tells funny stories from her family.
    In her free time,Silvia draws and plays whith brother.Silvia is very athletic.Her favoritte srort is basketball.
    I like Silvia because we always have fun together. I love her….


  2. Vaggelis Bouzoukas says:

    My best friends’ names are Periklis and Michael. They are 10 years old. We know each other from school. Michael is very angry and strong and Periklis is very funny and strong too. They are very clever and very good students. During break we play hide and seek, fight and sumetimes play football in Physical Education. I love them.

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  3. Danae Bouzouka says:

    My best friend’s name is Joanna. She is 14 years old. Joanna is very chatty, and she talks all the time. She always tells funny stories and she does funny things. She makes me laugh too. In our free time we talk about things or we take selfies! I love Joanna so much!!!


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