The Influence of Advertising on Young People in Greece

Advertising in Greece can have a wide variety of forms. From leaflets to TV ads and even posters. The reason why there are so many forms is that Greek salesmen and businessmen rely mostly on advertisements to sell their products and get recognition. And the most famous and beneficial way to advertise a product is by TV since it’s so popular in Greece.

It is believed that advertising can manipulate people’s minds into buying more stuff and especially teenagers’ minds. They say that the professionals who have made these advertisements have studied human behaviour and consumer psychology and have consequently found a way to make products seem more appealing and useful than they really are.

Personally though, I don’t believe that people buy more products just because they have  seen an advertisement on television talking about how “good” a product is. The only people this might work on is children who are easily fascinated by something and can’t sort out the difference between what’s real and what’s not.

I personally think that advertisements should have a limit but not be severely restricted  since it’s the only way for sellers to move their goods. And the only reason they should have a limit is so that they don’t get to a point where their context is just over the top nonsense.

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