Meet The Tuber: VanossGaming

VanossGaming, also known as Evan Frong was born in Canada on July 31, 1992 and at the time being he has one of the biggest YouTube gaming channels out there. He has reached over 20.000.000 subscribers and is known for playing and recording with his friends, some of them being H20Delirious, DathDeNogla, Terroriser, BasicallyIDoWrk, I AM WILDCAT and a lot more.

His channel is a comedic entertaining channel and because of that he doesn’t upload games with normal stories but online games that can be funny like Garry’s Mod, Call of Duty zombies, Gang beasts and other funny games.

His channel was created on September 15th 2011. As he said on his own Evan didn’t have any interaction with games at a young age but played a few games when he went to his friends. Vanoss pursued an athletic scholarship for ice hokey and then started studying economics. As most youtubers he dropped out in order for him to be able to make videos for YouTube as a full-time job.

Now he has one of the biggest, funniest and most succesful channels in YouTube. His youtube career has been improving more and more and I personally believe he still has a long way to go. I love his videos cause they cheer me up and always make me laugh, like most people watching his videos and that’s the reason he is so succesfull. Feel free to write down in the comments if you like Vanossgaming and why and what are your favourites to watch from his channel.

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