Top 5 Summer Water Sports

Summer is coming soon and in most countries the weather is already really hot and because of that kind of weather people go to the beach to have fun and enjoy themselves. But sometimes just swimming or relaxing on the sand is boring for some, well worry not cause the sea isn’t only for swimming. There are a lot of interesting water sports to do with your friends at the beach so get your swimming suits and let’s get started.

5.Water Polo

Even though it’s not the most interesting game for some people, others tend to love Polo. It’s a team game so if you have your family or friends with you, you can easily separate into 2 teams and play Polo. It’s basically handball with the difference that you are playing in the sea instead of on the ground and that makes it a ton more fun.


4. Surfing and Wind Surfing

Surf and Wind Surf are basically the same thing with the difference being that for wind surfing you will need a sail on your surf board in order to move. Both can be really fun and difficult to learn so if somebody wants to spend their entire summer practising a sport and mastering it that would be a fun and challenging choice.



3. Jet Skiing

When Jet Skiing you can reach incredible speeds on the water without having to worry of getting into trouble. The feeling when you are on a Jet Ski is amazing and that’s why its taken the number 3 spot. In the start you might have some trouble getting set up with a licence, buying the Jet Ski and fuel for it but in the end it will be well worth it. You can race with your friends go and explore the ocean and have a lot of

2. Yachting

Yachting is so high in the list because it’s definitely fun and challenging but the main factor why this sport is so interesting is because it requires teamwork, good synchronization with your team and a lot of effort. You and your team are on a Yacht and you have to work together in order to compete in a race and reach a good amount of speed. Someone has to open the sails someone else has to direct them and it’s just overall really hard to do.


1. Flyboard

Flyboard is for sure the most fun interesting and exciting water sport. You stand on a board that has thrusters underneath it using water that they suck up from the sea in order to make board fly. It an amazing sport, you can do flips with it, race with other people, do different kind tricks and other wacky and crazy stuff. For me its definitely the best water sport that exists for the time being.


How about you? Feel free to comment down below which in your opinion is the best and most fun water sport to do in summer.


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