HTC Vive Review

So the HTC Vive has been a big thing for the last couple of months and everyone is fascinated by it. It’s basically a gaming headset that covers up your eyes with 2 screens, cameras to track your movements and amplify them in the game and 2 controllers, 1 for each hand. The idea around it is that people will create games that are highly realistic for the player wearing the headset and over the last few months people have done it.

So far a lot games have been updated and now support it so you can use it to play them, but a lot of games have been created specifically for the Vive and there have been a lot of cool concepts to use it. From first person drawing to Puzzle Games and even mountain climbing! The vive hasn’t been out for too long so imagine what people could use it for. Some ideas I have are that people will create simulations for astronauts so they can test and see how their travel in space will look like from their own home. Also games that simulate surgery can be created in order for student surgeons to practise under real circumstances like being able to test themselves when the patient has serious blood loss and that kind of stuff, that way they don’t have to risk other people’s lives to learn.

I don’t see the Vive only as a gaming console but as a really practical tool too. People can have a lot of different experiences with it and they can be a lot of fun sometimes. What do you think? Do you know any other uses of the Vive and if yes which ones?

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