Telling Lies

Everyone even if it’s only once, has lied. Maybe they lie for a good reason, or they lie spontaneously. Perhaps they want to lie so they can cover a mistake of theirs, or they do it on purpose. People lie for many reasons and many times they don’t even know why they did it, and they don’t have an explanation or an excuse. Apart from the people who lie, the other side also exists.

People who accept the others’ lies are in a curious situation, because they try to understand why they have lied to them, which was the reason to, what made them do that, why it happened to them, was it their fault? Maybe they weren’t right for each other? Or a problem exists between them and they caused it? They madden their heads with a thousand of those thoughts and they try to find the answer to the simple question “Why?”.

Having  my own experience I can assure you that accepting lies isn’t so pleasant. When they first lied to me I admit that I didn’t understand it immediately and they made sure that nobody talked about this. But the time came when lies piled up and then the people who had lied, told that it was for a good reason or they didn’t want me to feel bad or that it wasn’t such a big deal. It’s logical for you to be upset with them and you want an excuse to base the behaviour on so you can forgive them, but they find it logical to lie and they don’t ever talk about it.

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