Terrorist Attack in Manchester

A terrorist attack took place in Manchester, in England. It happened shortly after Ariana Grande had performed her final song of her concert when the lights came up and fans – including many young children began leaving the concert. 22 people now have been killed and 119 are seriously injured.

The explosion happened outside the entrance to Manchester Arena shortly after 10.30pm on Monday night. The first of more than 240 emergency calls were placed at 10.33pm. The Greater Manchester Police was the first to arrive on the scene at 10.39pm, as hundreds of police officers and paramedics arrived to this bad act later. Thousands of people began screaming and climbing over the barriers trying to leave the arena. There was a mess inside the room, where a number of the crowd reported seeing bodies on the floor and people covered with blood.

This is a very sad incident and people like these must be punished by the government. The police have found some of the men that took part at the terrorist attack and they are going to be sent to prison. These people are very dangerous and you can’t know where they are going to appear. You must be very careful in what places you choose to go and how many people there are, because these terrorist acts happen where there is a lot of crowd. On the other side you can’t be scared for your whole life. Police must do something like check the people before they enter the performance.

This is what I think you have to know about the terrorist attack. I hope some day people come to their sense and stop acting like animals.

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