Remarkable Japan

Japan is mostly known for its technology but it is also known for its cartoons and comics called anime and manga. Even though most people are more interested in the technological aspect, Japanese culture is the main reason when it comes to why people travel to Japan.

So I have already covered a bit about the technological part of Japan in my article about Chinese Technology so let’s get into the anime and manga. Anime is a Japanese term for cartoons but the difference is that anime have a different style to them rather than just the normal cartoons we watch on TV. They have different plots, character art styles, and a unique way of saying things. Trust me if you ever watch one you will immediately tell the difference between an anime and a normal cartoon.

Manga is another term of saying comics in Japanese but those two have a lot of differences from each other. Mangas also have a different art style and plots but the main difference is that instead of reading them from left to right and then go to the next line you read them from right to left and change line, which is really confusing when you start reading them for the first time but after a while you get used to it. I personally prefer anime instead of manga because I don’t really like reading, but even people like me will find mangas very interesting and the main reason is because an anime is an animated manga which means that in the manga the plot will have progressed a lot more, and that sometimes forces you to read instead of waiting for the new episodes to get animated.

I also mentioned Japanese culture that is also very interesting. As you know Japan is an ancient Asian country which means that people have a lot of different customs than the ones we have in Europe. For example arts and crafts are way more widespread than in Europe and as full-time jobs which pay out really well. Another interesting fact about Japanese culture is the language itself. You probably know that the Japanese language is written with a lot and various artistic characters which I find very interesting, something which is prominent in calligraphy which Japanese people practise and decorate their spaces with.

I personally love Japan and if I ever have the opportunity to travel there I will because I find everything about it fascinating. How about you, would you like to travel to Japan? And if not where would you like to travel and why?

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