Safe Browsing

Internet in our days is a main factor in people’s everyday lives. It always helps us and entertains us with anything from studies to job application and even entertaining videos that we watch everyday. You can use internet from any device you want computers, laptops, cellphones, and even watches.

But not all people in this world are friendly and helpful. Because the internet is so widespread anyone who uses it can be an easy target. The last 50-60 years technology has evolved a lot which means that people have found ways to break the law from their devices without even being at the place where the act takes place. They can hack computers, steal personal data and even steal your credit card and charge you with stuff they buy.

Even so there are ways to stay protected and safe from those people. Computer and cellphone protecting programs have been invented to help you stay safe from the internet but even with those applications you are not fully protected. Those were made to keep your devices protected from internet viruses but you have to know what to do and what not to when browsing through the internet.

The most simple and basic rules are not to talk to strangers through the social media (such as twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc). Never give your personal data like age, name, credit card, and that kind of stuff to anyone. But the last and most important rule is not to get into sites with restricted unknown or free content when it’s not supposed to be free. If you see a site with weird or unusual content the chances are that it will be a site made by someone to hack into your computer and steal personal info.

I would suggest that you download a good antivirus app like Kaspersky or Comodo so you can stay safe while browsing through the internet. In Greece a campaign which you can watch down below has been created to make people aware of the dangers of the internet.

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