How will the World be in 100 Years?

In this essay I’m going to talk about how will the world be in 100 years from now. All people imagine a better world with more modern houses, healthier atmosphere and a lot of others things like these. Will it be better or worse? How can we know? We must make the world a better place if we want to continue living on Earth.

I have read plenty of articles about how will the world be in the next few years and I believe it will have a lot of new opportunities and a lot of new problems at the same time. I will start with the problems that may appear in the next few years. Scientists say that oceans will disappear and that it is not good because a lot of the food we eat come from the seas and oceans and are essential to our diets (like fish). Another problem is that the weather will become rapidly hotter and the summers will become increasingly hotter. Maybe even robots will replace us in our jobs and in a lot of other things. They will probably do the work for us and this will make us redundant and lazy.

But there are not only disadvantages about the future world. I have recently heard that we may have the ability to control the weather in the future, because of some new technological systems. I believe it will be pretty cool and I hope that some day, the scientists will manage to invent a machine like this. Another invention that may exist in the future is space elevators. This would be really helpful in the future because it will make space travel cheap and easy. And finally there will be museums for every aspect of nature.

These are some predictions about the future life. I believe that many things will be improved and I hope that the world will become better. What do you think?

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