How Did High School Change My Life

Being seventeen years old I have past 2 years in high school and I must admit that it  has accidentally changed me and my personality. This may have resulted from the fact that hight school attaches an air of maturity and the fact that you know you are too close to graduate. Now, I will summarily describe you my first days in high school.

My first day was on the 15th of September 2015. I wasn’t anxious about it and I’d liked the idea that I would change school. It wasn’t such a big change as was the transfer from elementary to junior high school. I knew a lot of people because most of them where in my junior high so it wasn’t a big difference, also many kids from my class would be in my class in high school again too, so I didn’t have any problem about acquaintances and communication.

It was 10 seconds farther than my old school and 20 seconds from my house, which means that  I had to wake up earlier than I used to. I dressed a little bit better than a regular day because I wanted to be presentable, I got my hair done, I looked at the mirror and I said to myself “Have a nice year, different and more interesting than the others. Make a change” and then I left home. When I had almost arrived I started being nervous about how the others would be dressed like, if I was too well-dressed for school, how would they look at me and many other questions that I’d never asked myself. All this stopped when I got in.

The building was a little smaller than my last school and organized differently. It has two floors , a lot of classes,  and even though it has a small playground it has its own indoor stadium. Let’s talk about something more interesting apart from the building. The students. They were different than junior high school students, more mature, smart, comfortable, they had a different air and attitude. This made them more attractive to me and I think to the rest of the students. I guess this feeling was because I had change school and the fact that I would make new friends and meet new people, but they weren’t such a big deal..I leard that after words.

After the first days which were a little awkward I started getting used to the school, the teachers, the kids, and I also started making new friends apart from those which I already had from junior high school. I wanted to change all the things than I had done the previous year so I changed a lot of my friends but I kept my best one.  I met my current best friends and a lot of different people. This was a very big step for me to change all my lifestyle. I changed the way I used to dress, and I became and still am more cold with the others. I never express easily my feelings and I will always tell you what I think about you whether you like it or not.

In conclusion, high school helped me start talking and acting more maturely, to think and then talk. It also helped me make real friends and realise that every moment in school is special cause you are too close to graduation and then we are all gonna miss these times.

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