In my previous article I wrote about a destination that I have actually visited. Now I want to write about a country that I want to visit. Greenland is the place that I want to visit some time in my life.

It is the world’s largest island and three quarters of this country are covered by ice. The population of this place is about 55.000 people so as you can easily understand that it isn’t a crowded place. But  what I think makes it special, is the fact that it is a very beautiful place with a lot of amazing houses and also magnificent phenomena. One of these, is Aurora Borealis. Aurora Borealis or northern lights are part of the visual, physical characteristics of Greenland and it is a very common occurrence in the North. Usually it is blue, green and purple.


This wonderful place has another breathtaking phenomenon called “midnight sun”. It is during summer and I believe it’s pretty cool. It takes place in the arctic circle during which people can see the sun all summer. From late April to late August, the sun will rise and colors will change as the day goes on, but the sun will still be visible all day and night. Another amazing thing is that the winters may be long and dark, but you can see the northern Lights from September to April. You can see the lights on just about any night the sky is clear.

These were the main reasons that I want to visit Greenland. As I mentioned before it is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled places in the world and I suggest it for all the people that want to go somewhere for holidays.

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