Valentino Rossi a Living Legend

Valentino Rossi was born in Italy on 16 February 1979. He is a professional motorcycle road raceMotoGP World Champion. I think that he is the greatest and the most successful racers of all time since he won nine Prix World Championships and the seven of them is in the premier class (MOTO GP). Rossi started racing in Grand Prix in 1996 with Aprilia following his father, Graziano Rossi.


Valentino Rossi was born in Urbino, Marche, and he was still a child when the family moved to Tavullia. Son of Graziano Rossi, a former motorcycle racer, he first began riding at a very young age. Rossi’s first racing love was karting. His mum worried about his child safety and his father by them a kart in the pace of the bike. Graziano replaced the 60cc motor with a 100cc national kart motor for his then 5-year-old son.

Valentino Rossi has a big fan club who follow them in every game. He has the most fans in every game still in the Spain where is the “home” of his biggest opponent Marquez. He starts his career with Aprilia in 1996 and he won his first championship one year later in 1997 at 125cc world Championship. At 1998 he moved up in 250cc world Championship also with Aprilia. He won the championship in 1999 and the next year moved up again, but this time in MOTO GP world championship where he still racing. His first three years in MOTO GP he races with Honda and he won the championship of 2001-2002-2003. In 2004-2010 he raced with Yamaha and he won the championship 4 times ( 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009).


He always races with No. 46 the number that his mother won his first 3 championships. His nickname is “The doctor”,  I don’t think there is a particular reason, but it’s beautiful. Valentino Rossi often jokes, however, that the name arrived because, in Italy, Rossi is a common surname for doctors.

Rossi is my favourite MOTO GP racers and I watch his races since I was 2 years old. I like his personality, his style off the road but also his driver style.



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