Chinese Technology

People are used to believing that Chinese products are not worth the money they cost and that they easily break and don’t last very long. In this article I am going to be covering if Chinese products are worth your money and compare them with other products of other regions.

For a lot of people when they think about phones the first things that go through their minds are Samsung, Sony and LG but aren’t there any other phones that are good and in a really reasonable price? Xiaomi is a really popular company in China and is known for its cellphones and mobile devices like Redmi Note 4 and Mi Max Prime. Compared to other companies, its phones might be just as well but in a lower price. In China you can find various kinds of technology like televisions, game consoles and mobile devices in modest prices.

Another good example is Shenzhen Nello. When it comes to cameras you always think about Sony which is well-known for its high-resolution cameras but what about Shenzhen Nello? It is known for her high-resolution cameras that are highly durable also but the difference is that their prices are way better and lower.

I believe that china has some really good products and companies. It’s just that people from Europe or the States underestimate them just because they are not familiar with them. But I believe that if they did a bit more research they would realise that Chinese technology is worth its money.

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  1. Stevejukes says:

    Samsung is the best because is the really popular in the world.

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    1. Start speaking proper English and then say that Samsung is better than Xiaomi!


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