Trikala Corinthias

Trikala is a village in Peloponnese. It’s very close to Athens and it’s one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece. It is only two hours away from the capital of Greece and this makes it more attractive to people who live nearby.

There are three settlements there, the upper,the middle and the lower Trikala. I spent some days of my Easter holidays in the middle village and I think that was an amazing place. It has many activities to do, like horse riding, cycling and also has an athletic Centre in Zyria. Another thing that you can do there is to visit the provisional lake of Thasia. It is amazing because we rarely find lakes that exist only during winter time. It also has very good cafes and restaurants where someone can relax, or eat a tasty meal.

I really like this place for all these amazing things that I mentioned before. In my opinion, it is a great choice for all young people and families who live in the region of Peloponnese or Attica, because it is a nice place to visit during weekends. Another thing that I like a lot there, is the quietness and the calmness of the area and the people who live there. Finding a place where people are quite and calm is great for you because you can relax and this is the point of going on holidays. Finally the houses, the restaurants and the nearby villages are picturesque and this makes the city even more attractive to tourists.

I stayed in a hotel called Mavraganeiko and I think that was great for many reasons. First of all the apartment was spacious and had two rooms with its own bathroom and TV. It had a normal living room with an excellent decoration and a very comfortable sofa. As I have written before there were great restaurants with delicious food. There were both indoor and outdoor tables available. My favorite was “Katafygeio Geyseon” and my favorite food was lamb and calf.

I highly recommend this village to all young people for the cafes, the beautiful places that it has but I also recommend it for adults who want to be calm and quiet. It is a wonderful destination for people who look for these things.


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