Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s bizarre adventure is by far one of my favourite anime out there. So far 4 parts have gotten an anime adaptation, while in the manga there are 8 parts, which means that if you start watching it now, there are still a lot of episodes for you to watch in the future, even if you have finished the whole anime up to now.

So “Jojo” is an anime that is based on battling, background character stories and lineage stories, and was written by Hirohiko Araki. In each season the protagonist has always a relation with the one from the last season. In season 1 the plot is that George Joestar who is the father of Jonathan Joestar the main protagonist of season one, nearly dies in a carriage accident. When an old man passing by sees the accident he tries to steal the jewellery and the money that they were carrying with them while they are unconscious. Then when George wakes up he doesn’t see the man stealing, rather he thinks that he has come to help them. He thanks him and asks him to save his baby son who is trapped underneath the pile of the broken carriage. It seems that Jonathan’s mother has used her body to save him and sacrificed herself instead. So time goes by and Jonathan grows up with his father when suddenly one day a blond boy knocks on the door, it appears to be the old man’s son Dio who has been invited by George to live with him and Jonathan since his father has died. I don’t want to rumble a lot or spoil anything, so the only thing I am going to say about the rest of the season is that Dio becomes Jonathan’s worst enemy and the whole season is based around Jonathan fighting and trying to kill Dio with an ability called “Hamon” which he developed after hard training with his best friend William Anthonio Zeppeli.

Then in season 2 Jonathan’s wife Erina raises a child named Joseph Joestar as her own son. Jonathan gets into trouble with 3 ancient demi-gods and the only way to beat them is to use Hamon. Even though Joseph can control Hamon pretty well, he needs to master it in order to kill the 3 demi-gods. His training is taken up by a woman named Lisa-Lisa and with his friend Caeser Anthonio Zeppeli, they train together, master Hamon and kill the gods named Wammu, Esidisi and Cars.

In season 3 “Stands” get introduced into the anime. Some people have Stands and they use them to fight either for good or Evil. The protagonist here is a man called Jotaro Kujo whose Stand, Star Platinum turns out to be the worlds strongest for the time being. Jotaro’s family has a curse that makes everyone who is born in that family obtain a Stand at some point. Jotaro’s mom obtains a Stand but they are usually obtained by people who are psychologically strong and because she is very weak, that Stand puts her in really big danger and quickly makes her very sick.  Now I can’t say the name of the main villain cause of spoilers, but in order for Jotaro to save his mom he has to kill the villain that has given his family that curse. The stories go on with Jotaro and his friends having to face a lot of dangers and foes to get to the villain.

Personally I love Jojo’s bizarre adventure and in my opinion it’s the best anime I have ever watched. What about you, do you have a favourite anime, and if yes which one is it? Please feel free to tell me down bellow and who knows I might get around to watching it.

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