In the House of a Killer

This summer 5 of my friends and I went to a haunted house in Peristeri after our school exams. Our experience was creepy and very scary. We had heard a strange story about the place and the people who lived there. We went there because the story seemed strange and we want to know if the story was real or not.

A family with two daughters lived in that house in the past. One day the father killed his two daughters and hung his wife outside the house on a tree. People say that the next day the man buried his wife in the back yard of the house and had the 2 bodies of his daughters buried in a cemetery. The man was found dead on his bed afterwards. There were 2 letters marked on his body (an X and an A). These two letters were the first letters of the girls’ names. The mystery is that no knife in the house had blood stains on it and the body of his wife had disappeared and nobody could find it. At least that’s been said.

The first time we saw this house we didn’t know anything about its story, so we asked a woman who lives next door and she told us the story. She also said that we should never go there, because there were ghosts that want to kill people. We didn’t believe her of course but we thought that she may know something more that she didn’t want to say. Then we decided to go inside the house. One of my friends had a small knife to cut the leaves in front of the house. We lit a small dynamite which we threw behind the leaves. we heard a noise and saw that we had destroyed a fence. Time had passed and the night had come, so we decided to go back to our homes and returned the next day again.

When I woke up the next morning, I called my friends and asked them to go there again. They all said yes, but when we went there we saw a shadow in the window. We got really afraid and we run as fast as we could. All of us but one. He didn’t run but he lit a dynamite and threw it towards the shadow. It disappeared and by that time we were sure about the ghosts in the house! We turn on our flashlights, and went into the house where we saw a big bed and a kitchen with the lights on. We run out of the house because we heard a sound but no one was in the room. We decided to leave, never to return.

These days were the best days of that summer. We still remember everything and we laugh because we were so scared and thought that the house was haunted! It was a very exciting experience.

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