Teens; The Future of Innovative Technology

Innovative technology is very important for the future of the human kind especially the one that will give us more opportunities to learn more about our planet, the space that surrounds us and make our lives easier. The thing is that teenagers find the science behind this kind of technology boring, so because of that, they might never experience it which is really bad for our future.

We could make teenagers more interested in innovative technology if we show them what it can create and give them a chance to experiment and play with it. Maybe it can become a subject in schools so teens get to interact with it a lot more. In that subject they would watch educational videos and then try to create the stuff they have been shown in a similar way.

Another way to make people more interested in this kind of technology is to arrange  special workshops and group meetings, in which they will be able to learn more about innovative technology and how it works. What I mean by this, is that scientists would be able to conduct tests and experiments on those people as long as they are safe of course. This way, not only will they learn more about technology, but they will also help scientists to advance and progress it.

These are some of my thoughts about the subject. Some of you may disagree with me or have more suggestions. If you do please feel free to comment down below your ideas and thoughts and I’ll be sure to reply to as many of you as I can.


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