Assassin’s Creed Black Flag (the Book)

Assassin’s Creed black flag is a book from the series Assassin’s Creed written by Oliver Bowden and its based on the best seller video-game. The book talks about Edward Kenway’s life and his adventures all over the world, and the ocean.

At the beginning Edward is a poor man who lives with his parents in a house at the countryside. Later he manages to marry a very beaAssassins-Creed-4-Book1utiful young lady from the high society. He soon realizes that he is not able to give her the life she deserves and he must seek his fortune somewhere else so he can return to his wife rich. But she left him and went to live with her parents again. Edward sails in the ocean and he becomes a pirate. Soon he will find his self in the middle of the everlasting fight between the Templars and the Assassins.

I think the book is absolutely amazing. The characters’ feelings are so well given by the author. Every one of them has his own strong points but also weaknesses. The book might even be better than the video-game itself, because it’s so detailed and descriptive. That cannot be easily achieved in a video-game.

I recommend this book to adventure lovers, or the ones that have played the game. I’m sure you’re going to adore this book because I know I did.

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