Benefits and Drawbacks of Mobile Phones

In my opinion the greatest invention of the last 50 years is the mobile phone. With the mobile phone you can make phone calls, play games, and also do a lot of other things that you could  not imagine in the past!

Nowadays, mobile phones have become very popular and they are used by everybody. The most important advantage of having a mobile phone is that you can communicate with your family and your friends no matter where they are. Except from making phone calls, you can also send SMS messages and use applications like Messenger, Viber and Snapchat. As I mentioned before, another thing that you can do if you have a mobile phone is play games. This is very useful when you are bored and you want to do something. Having a mobile phone can also help you in various ways. For example you can relax by listening to music.

On the other hand, there are also drawbacks. Using your mobile phone plenty of hours can harm your brain, particularly a teenager’s brain. They emit radiation which is unhealthy for people, especially for kids. If you use your mobile phone more than two or three hours a day it may cause you problems, like dizziness. Another disadvantage is that you may become addicted in them and not pay attention to your studies and school. Many kids that started using a mobile phone soon have lower marks than they used to.

These were the benefits and the drawbacks of using mobile phones. We all know that they are necessary for our modern way of life, but we must reduce the hours we use them. It will be better if we use it when we really need it and in appropriate times!

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