Have you ever been into a relationship? If you haven’t then I have much to tell you about it. Nevertheless, don’t be ashamed because you’re not missing too much… Okay, you do miss some stuff, but they are not so important.
Lies… Yes they are!

Firstly, a relationship is based on mutual feelings of love, such as infatuation. When you are in a relationship there must be some mutual concessions and you should minimise your ego, because there will be some disagreements and then you have to confront them without many arguments. Following all this steps you would have an ideal relationship. But come on… We all know this is impossible…

Getting in a relationship means you are serious, ready to take responsibilities, that you are loyal, and most importantly that you really want and love that person, because relationships are not a game. You must be sure about your feelings and the things that you will offer or lose. Obviously it’s not so easy as it seems… Okay you may like somebody, but you should first notice if you have decided to stop flirting with others, since of course that would cause jealousy.

However, being with a person you love and he/she loves you back is wonderful and worthwhile. So if you are not ready, don’t try it… But if you are, enjoy it!

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  1. millionsrich says:

    Great advice on relationships.

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    1. Joanna Karai says:

      Thank you so much, I hope they will help you 🙂

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